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Girls wearing clothes from the Finding Foxtale collection. Girls wearing clothes from the Finding Foxtale collection.

The Finding Foxtale Story

At Finding Foxtale, we’re not simply a children’s clothing brand—we’re bringing an important mission to life. We’re creating a community where children can joyfully engage with styles, stories, and experiences free from outside influences.

By combining three formative experiences—the everyday activity of getting dressed, the beloved tradition of storytelling, and the opportunity to discover true friendship—our goal is to help children live as their best and most authentic selves.

Girls wearing clothes from the Finding Foxtale collection. Girls wearing clothes from the Finding Foxtale collection.
  • What We Do

    Finding Foxtale is an enchanting world of styles, stories, and adventures that invites children and the people they love to create meaningful moments and shared joy.

  • What Guides Us

    Kind Honesty, True Friendship, and Bold Joy

  • Where We’re Going

    Our purpose is to grow shared joy.

Read a Letter from Our CEO

Childhood is foundational and incredibly precious, yet girls today have so much noise coming at them through screens, culture, and pressured schedules. So at the thought of starting a brand for children, an irresistible sense of purpose emerged. I began sharing this idea with women of all ages, and the response confirmed the timeliness of Finding Foxtale.

Let me tell you a bit about what we do and why I have dedicated myself to this beautiful company.

Finding Foxtale is more than children’s clothing—it’s a community where little girls can joyfully engage with style, story, and experiences free from outside influences that may rob them of formative childhood years. We create experiences with the fun of discovering their style, along with space and time to prioritize two positive developmental areas at risk: great stories and true friendship. When children develop a love of reading stories, they’re better able to creatively problem solve, empathize, and connect with others. When they build strong friendships, they’re more likely to succeed in school, have better mental health, and build healthy relationships throughout their lives. It’s why we root everything we do in Style, Story, and Friendship.

  • STYLE: Our designer, Sam McDonald, has led design for beloved children’s brands for over 15 years. She designs with joy, allowing each little girl to discover her own style and explore her own identity.
  • STORY: Our author, Madeleine Hewitt, has earned a Kirkus Star for our first book, Finding Foxtale Forest, a story that follows five heroines (all wearing Finding Foxtale clothing!) into a fantastical adventure led by a wise and magical Fox. A complementary booklet introducing each of our characters to our young customers is shipped with every order.
  • FRIENDSHIP: Everything about Finding Foxtale is anchored in modeling and facilitating friendship through how we gather and the stories we share, reinforcing values of Kind Honesty, True Friendship, and Bold Joy.

Our amazing Finding Foxtale team is passionate about creating positive change that improves the path forward for these little lives. Together, we can help a whole generation of girls create a kinder, more connected world.

Thank you for being part of something truly special that brings goodness and sweetness to lots of little lives.

Kimberly Inskeep

CEO, Finding Foxtale


Our Styles

Sam McDonald, Product Design & Development

Sam McDonald
Product Design & Development

Our clothes feature colors, patterns, details, and surprises that help children express who they are today and who they want to be in the future!

  • High-quality and crafted to last, not disposable fast fashion.

  • Impeccable attention to detail, not run-of-the-mill basics.

  • Responsibly sourced with love for all involved, not carelessly produced.

Girls wearing clothes from the Finding Foxtale collection. Girls reading Finding Foxtale Forest book.

Our Stories

About Our Stories

Because we believe in the transformational power of stories to inspire curiosity, creativity, and connection, we developed Finding Foxtale Forest, our storybook series. These stories reveal an enchanting world of style, stories, and adventures where a wise and mysterious fox guides children and the people they love to create meaningful moments and shared joy.

With every order of clothing, a character is introduced through a softcover collector’s booklet. The stories of all five characters combine in a full-length novel, Finding Foxtale Forest. Designed for readers aged 7-10, the hardcover edition includes gorgeous full-page illustrations featuring our characters wearing Finding Foxtale clothing, making it a keepsake storybook to share with younger readers, too. Book One is available now and Book Two is coming in the 2024 holiday season!


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Behind Our Stories

  • Madeleine Hewitt is an author who loves to tell tales for all ages! When she isn’t writing, she’s reading or running. Her favorite place to go on vacation is her imagination, and she lives in East London with her husband. 

  • Victoria Layne is a Chicago-based children’s book illustrator who adores all things art! She loves to bring vibrant life to different stories and adventures for everyone. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, going on coffee dates with friends, and traveling to new places.

  • Isabel Burke is a comic artist and illustrator who lives in the heart of Savannah, Georgia. If she’s not at her desk drawing, you can find her reading, walking around Forsyth Park, or herding her cat, Bubbles, down off a counter.

“An entertaining, educational, and empowering story for young readers.”

— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Finding Foxtale Book Series covers

Foxtale Forest Magazine

Foxtale Forest Magazine cover

Our Foxtale Forest Magazine engages children at Pop-Up events in a friendly and whimsical way. Created by artist and teacher Elise Hewitt, children will meet the characters of the Finding Foxtale Forest series and enjoy puzzles, coloring pages, and games at three different ability levels. The magazine features each season’s Finding Foxtale Collection so kids can choose their favorite styles for themselves!

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