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Welcome to the Fall 2023 Finding Foxtale Collection.

Finding Foxtale inspires children to discover their true selves through happy clothes, thought-provoking stories, and friendship-filled experiences.

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Finding Foxtale offers a fresh approach—not only in its clothing for young girls, but in the stories that accompany them and the values that we as moms hold so dear. It’s a company built on kindness, honesty, and joy—who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?!


Meet the Muses

Each of Our five Muses each have not only their own unique style, but also their own unique story! Beyond sparking style exploration as a form of self-expression, these Muses also invite girls into adventure through our Finding Foxtale Forest storybook series, which ignite the discovery of Kind Honesty, True Friendship, and Bold Joy.

Into the Forest

At Foxtale, the process of finding is formative. Finding which dress is the “me-ist me,” finding more of one’s self through the unique characters in our Foxtale Forest storybook series, and discovering how to cultivate good friendships alongside fellow adventurers. Style, stories, and relationships serve as good soil for moments where kind honesty, bold joy, and true friendship don’t just grow…they bloom!
Finding Foxtale is Designed for Discovery.

Finding Foxtale Forest: Dani
Finding Foxtale Forest: Pax
Finding Foxtale Forest: Eva
Finding Foxtale Forest: Amy
Finding Foxtale Forest: Kez

A Character Book With Every Order

Speaking of our storybook series, we invite you and your young reader to follow five unique heroines into Foxtale Forest, where a wise and mysterious fox guides them on fantastical adventures that will empower them to win the day, creating a kinder world. Each character is introduced in a collector’s booklet, which will be added to every order (while supplies last).

While designed for ages 7-9, our storybooks are captivating bedtime stories for younger readers too, with gorgeous illustrations featuring our characters wearing Finding Foxtale clothing!

Before the winter holidays, the stories of all five characters will be offered all together—with the final portion of each of their adventures—in a beautifully illustrated, collector’s edition hardcover book!

Collaborate & Partner

4 ways you can be part of delivering the
Finding Foxtale experience:

  1. Become a Certified Stylist:

    Deliver the crème de la crème of the Finding Foxtale experience through holding Pop-Ups for commissions and the potential to lead other Stylists to do the same.

  2. Become an Affiliate Stylist:

    Share the Finding Foxtale products you love with your social media following for a commission; plus, empower Referring Partners to accrue Foxtale Funds through a referral code.

  3. Become a Pop-Up Partner:

    Gather your friends and their littles for a Finding Foxtale Pop-Up. With a Certified Stylist at the helm of the adventure, it’s a time where style, story, and friendship come together, delighting both those big and small (and we will thank you with Foxtale Funds for your order).

  4. Become a Referring Partner:

    Link up with either a Certified Stylist or an Affiliate Stylist to receive discount codes to share with your friends that turn into Foxtale Funds for you to apply to Finding Foxtale product.

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Tales of Joy Foundation

Our Tales of Joy Foundation partners with the Mighty Acorn Foundation in rescuing vulnerable children without caregivers in Kenya. We will also offer our little customers the opportunity to repurpose their Foxtale favorites, keeping them out of landfills, either by passing to another child or transforming them into a keepsake.