Our Stories

Because we believe in the transformational power of stories to inspire curiosity, creativity, and connection, we developed Finding Foxtale Forest, our storybook series. These stories reveal an enchanting world of style, stories, and adventures where a wise a Fox guides children and the people they love to create meaningful moments and shared joy.

Finding Foxtale Forest: Book One

For Dani, Pax, Eva, Kez, and Amy, finding a happy ending to summer break feels impossible. But when a mysterious Fox appears and asks them for help, the five friends embark on a thrilling, world-hopping journey that will change their perspectives forever. Following the Fox into Foxtale Forest, they explore wild western deserts, brave magical storms, hunt for a pirate’s treasure–and learn how kindness, courage, and true friendship are the keys to any happy ending.

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A Story in Every Purchase

With every order of clothing, a character is introduced through a softcover collector’s booklet. The stories of all five characters combine in a full-length novel, Finding Foxtale Forest. Designed for readers aged 7-10, the hardcover edition includes gorgeous full-page illustrations featuring our characters wearing Finding Foxtale clothing, making it a keepsake storybook to share with younger readers, too. Book One is available now and Book Two is coming in the 2024 holiday season!

Behind Our Stories

Madeleine Hewitt, Author

Madeleine is an author who loves to tell tales for all ages! When she isn’t writing, she’s reading or running. Her favorite place to go on vacation is her imagination, and she lives in East London with her husband. 

Victoria Layne, Illustrator

Victoria is a Chicago-based children’s book illustrator who adores all things art! She loves to bring vibrant life to different stories and adventures for everyone. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, going on coffee dates with friends, and traveling to new places.

Isabel Burke, Illustrator

Isabel is a comic artist and illustrator who lives in the heart of Savannah, Georgia. If she’s not at her desk drawing, you can find her reading, walking around Forsyth Park, or herding her cat, Bubbles, down off a counter.