Our Experiences

Inspired by tales and tails, we’re creating moments, meaning, and magic through friendship-filled experiences that encourage connection, curiosity, and creativity.

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Our Bracelet Kit is perfect for little ones to get creative and cultivate shared joy.


What Moms Are Saying

“The fashion show, story time with the character books, friendship bracelets, Foxtale stickers, and coloring book were all a hit! I loved seeing my daughters eyes light up with delight.”

Foxtale Forest Magazine

Coming soon!

Our Foxtale Forest Magazine engages children at Pop-Up events in a friendly and whimsical way. Created by artist and teacher Elise Hewitt, children will meet the characters of the Finding Foxtale Forest series and enjoy puzzles, coloring pages, and games at three different ability levels. The magazine features each season’s Finding Foxtale Collection so kids can choose their favorite styles for themselves!