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Growing Shared Joy The Finding Foxtale Blog

I believe there’s an important differentiation between happiness and joy, and I see our children less and less equipped to find joy…the resulting impact is deeply troubling. Our screen-filled world feeds us a plethora of happy moments but prevents us from stepping onto the path of joy we long for. Happiness is found in all those sensory and transitory moments of satisfaction. Joy is found on the path you’ve chosen for meaning and significance. Joy is a more profound and sacred connection to something beyond us; and whenever we experience joy, it serves as a signpost that we are not in some passing moment but are headed toward the meaning we are here to experience…and share. Children can only learn this through the adults who guide them, and that is why I have committed myself to Finding Foxtale. It is my hope that this company and our messaging through these blog posts serve to partner with each parent who chooses to grow shared joy.